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Eileen Yocheved Hande
In Back In Balance : A Holistic Healing Collective

7035 Beracasa Way Suite 104
Boca Raton, FL 33433

Cell: 561-715-6185
Fax: 561-361-4999
Email: ehandelmt@aol.com

Hours: By Appointment Only
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Eileen Yocheved Hande MA LMT CST
(since 1993)
* Voted Best Massage Therapist
Of South Florida 2006!
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Insurance Plans Accepted:
All Auto Accident Insurance
BlueCross BlueShield of Florida, PPO.




Talking to Tumors: How CranioSacral Therapy can help release the emotional energy vivifying tumors

My session with a cancer patient’s tumors

I asked Manny when had he become aware that he had cancer. He had been complaining for a number of months to his general Internist about acid reflux but his Dr. had no answers for him. Eventually upon palpation his doctor discovered a swelling in his liver and then sent him for other tests but they never did the CAT scan low enough to see that he actually had cancer in his colon which had leaked cancer cells to his liver. I asked him what happened before he got his cancer and he revealed that he had a very difficult situation at work where he was betrayed and the son of the owner put his sons work first even though the bid for a certain job was lower from another bidder. He was angry and frustrated and was eventually forced out. Something similar happened to him in another job that he had before this one. This had never happened to him. In his 25 year military career, he never had this kind of frustration and disappointment. Everyone was working towards the same goal and everybody was very “straight”.

We journeyed into the lesion and tumors in his colon and he saw them as black. I asked if he was willing to dialogue with them. I asked him to be the voice and speak the message they needed to share with him. His loss of health was a message that the striving for material things can never replace one’s health. He saw the tumor as black and did a guided visualization of God’s white healing light coming in to help release the black energy. I asked him what was the emotion of the darkness. He said it was the anger about being betrayed by his friends and boss. We talked about the messages that they needed to give him and if it wasn’t them, it would have happened in another situation because God wanted him to get the message that we can’t always rely on people to be honest and fair and that his parents would have been proud of him in leaving a dishonest situation. I told him that he has done nothing wrong. On the contrary he took the highroad. I asked if he would like to bring in the most significant people to dialogue with him and see what was really on his mind which we did and it was very important, revealing and releasing. I could feel the tissue unwinding and letting go of the energy. We then went to the liver where the tumors were very hot and angry. Manny processed the anger and realized and accepted the higher spiritual purpose of what had happened. The energy that was vivifying the tumors left and they needed to be guided out and thanked for their role in his spiritual journey. I then went to his chest and heart, and helped him release a lot of grief energy at which point he revealed a deeply sad rescue he performed 30 years before where a flood that destroyed 11,000 homes, destroyed the antique furnishings of a woman’s home who he rescued. He and coworkers moved all the furniture to the attic only to turn around in the helicopter to see the chimney submerged under water. We processed the deep saddeness he was still holding on to which got triggered when he “lost” his job. I went on to do some more cranial releases and a guided healing of a wound on his leg.
His face was so much more relaxed and joyful!!


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